Monday, December 10, 2012

Yamaha Has the Largest Occupant Space of any Golf Cart

Why wouldn't you want a spacious golf cart?

The widest and most comfortable seat in the industry.  The automobile style dash at a center location.  Stylish and comfortable seat rails.  Un-matched head room for all riders.  A windshield with more square inches of viewing room than the other 2 leading manufacturers.  It is just one of the "55 Reasons to Own a Yamaha Golf Car"

The Smith River Near Eden Bridge, Photo #1
Montana's Beautiful Smith River near Great Falls, Montana

Monday, December 3, 2012

Lights and Wheels Customize a Golf Cart

Lights and Wheels really set off a Yamaha Golf Car and they aren't that pricey.  So you say "I won't need lights on my golf car because I don't drive the streets and I don't need those fancy wheels.

Well, you probably don't "need" that chrome bumper on your car or truck, or the nice wheel covers the manufacturer puts on the auto but its yours, you drive it and you want it to look nice.

There is so much that can be added to a golf car to set it apart from the fleet cart that is on the golf course.  The neat thing is the cart will last several years if you take care of it and you can continue to customize for Christmas, your Birthday, your Anniversary and Father's or Mother's Day.  What the heck you don't need another shirt or another purse so put in your request.

Light Kits "Click Here"

Custom Wheels "Click Here" and  Custom Tires "Click Here"

Free Mounting and Free Freight  (over $99) -What else could you need!

2012 Yamaha Drive Customized Golf Car

Lake McDonald in Glacier Park

Lake McDonald on a calm morning in May

Photo Courtesy of

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Golf Headquarters of Missoula is now an authorized Madjax Dealer

At Golf Headquarters of Missoula, MT which is the leading golf club and golf accessory retail store in Montana we also carry a line of golf cart accessories by Madjax.  So many of our golfing customers also own golf carts and we want to have many of the accessories they need to enjoy their golf cart experience.  Stop in and see the Madjax line of accessories today.
Yellowstone River in the Hayden Valley
Yellowstone River in Yellowstone Park-Photo by

 Golf Cart Floor Mats can spruce up any Model

If anything tends to show the wear and tear of the use of our golf car it is the floor mats.  But several options are available to spruce up your cart quickly and inexpensively. 
Diamond Plate Floor Mats are easy install and look great.
Or you can easily install a replacement rubber floor mat for safety and good looks.
We have a large selection of mats and other accessories on our Accessories Page

Crystal Lake and the Big Snowy Mountains, Photo #2
Crystal Lake near Lewistown, Montana:  Photos Courtesy of Big Sky Fishing

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Go Here to See a YouTube Video
If you have never compared a Yamaha Golf Car to the others we think you need to.  Once you do the decision will be easy and you will never want a cart from another company.  In 2007, Yamaha Golf Car company began manufacturing the Yamaha Drive style which has all of these features.  See the photo of one of our 2007 Yamaha Drive Customized carts below and click on the photo to see more.


Gas Mileage Copy Electric Usage Copy 300pixels
Lubrication Copy 300pixels Compare Bumpers 300Pixels
Suspension 300pixels Seat Comfort Copy 300pixels
The Stillwater River Near Nye, Montana
Photo courtesy of  (Stillwater River near Absorkee, MT)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yamaha Golf Cars set the Styling Standard

We have had a busy year at Big Sky Golf Cars working with golf courses and private customers.  We believe Yamaha Cars are not only the lowest maintenance and most comfortable but also the most stylish cars on and off the course.  We enjoy working with our customers to create their favorite color and also to add the accessories that will make their golf car experience the most enjoyable yet.  One of our most popular designs this year is the 2-tone Silver Yamaha Drive car below which many of our customers selected for their purchase:

"Click" to see some of our customization projects

Hidden Lake Glacier National Park
Hidden Lake in Glacier National Park
Photo Courtesy of Big Sky


Jack Frost's handiwork

While our nationwide customers in the southern half of the U.S. are still enjoying temperate weather the rest of us have begun to transition to the winter season.  The first blast of chilly weather always catches us a little off guard. but we have a few chores before we put our carts in storage and leave them ready to kickoff the spring season in great shape.
Gas Carts
Electric Carts
  • Battery Testing-In many cases you can identify a problem battery by disconnecting your battery wiring and using a handheld battery tester.  These testers but the battery under load and if the voltage drops off it is an indication you have a problem (call your dealer to confirm).
  • Clean those terminals and use a battery terminal protector  to keep them corrosion free.  Check your battery cables and replace any worn cables.
  • Battery Charger-Make sure your charger lights come on, that your charger is in a secure place, plug it in and you should be go to go.

Snow Slipping Down the Mountains south of Bozeman, Montana